Medical Weight Loss Programm

Medical Weight Loss
We offer a unique system of dietary education, lifestyle changes and psychological (wellness) support, which is tailored to suit each individual.

This program does not advise on any low calorie dieting, calorie counting or excessive gym activities, as these are not sustainable for the long term.

We understand that your metabolism needs to be gently encouraged to burn energy. The body is very sensitive to any type of crash diet and will react by giving you the familiar feelings of intense cravings for high calorie processed foods and also by profound fatigue. Our bespoke program will not leave you with these side effects and if followed will lead to long term adjustment of your weight to a much healthier level.

Pre-operative Optimisation

Medical Weight Loss
If you are unable to lose weight through change of lifestyle this may mean that you have passed the threshold of normal weight regulation and developed a condition called leptin resistance. This means that despite your best efforts at dietary and lifestyle changes the body will have intense difficulty resetting to normal weight.

If this is the case then bariatric surgery should be considered as the only option available to gain a healthy weight.All of our patients have to be at their fittest possible before surgery. This is the reason that we have an unrivalled safety record.

You will see an anaesthetist and sometimes a physician who will assess for conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure or sleep apnoea.