BMI Calculator

The severity of your obesity is determined by a measurement of your

Body Mass Index (BMI). Enter your weight and height in the calculator

below(in either imperial or metric) to find out what your current BMI is and what effect losing some or all of your excess weight will have.

BMI Calculator

Weight st lb = kg
Height ft in = m

       BMI = NaN kg/m2

For your height, the upper limit of your ideal weight range is:
0kg (0st 0lbs), BMI = 25 kg/m2

BMI Definitions BMI (kg/m2)
Underweight < 18
Healthy weight 18 – 25
Overweight 25 – 30
Obese 30 – 35
Severely obese 35 – 40
Morbidly obese 40 and over