About Our Institute

Obesity is a disease that is becoming the leading public health problem of this generation and will have a profound effect on the health of coming generations unless action is taken. The epidemic of obesity is now affecting all regions of the world. It causes years of misery and ill health to the lives of 1 in 10 people on earth yet the condition is currently poorly understood and poorly treated. The Institute of Obesity and Metabolism is formed of world-renowned experts in metabolism, bariatric surgery, nutrition, exercise physiology and psychology. The Institute provides Advice, Education and Treatment on all aspects of obesity and weight regulation. Members of the institute are at the forefront of Research into the causes and treatment of obesity, appetite regulation, genetic mapping of obesity genes, surgical outcome and psychological wellbeing following surgery. “Why are some people prone to weight gain when others seem to be protected?” “Why don’t diets seem to work for most people?” “What is the best strategy for preventing obesity spreading to future generations?” “How does bariatric surgery work to reset people’s weight to a healthy level and can it help us to develop non surgical treatments for obesity?” These are just some of the questions that The Institute of Obesity and Metabolism are aiming to help answer. The Institute is based in London and Dubai with the same clinical and educational activities available to both areas.

The Institute of Obesity and Metabolism Helping to provide solutions to obesity for future generations